Working In Academic Environments

These days students they just present their papers they present their ideas to an audience the audience often not much bigger than dis audience here and they would present their ideas and then having stood up and spoken and explained everything they will then get feedback from everybody else in the ring you will say have a question and so those questions can be very telling some of them can be quite brutal in the way which people can be very harsh in sometimes of academic environments where they sort of doggy dog they can really be very vicious with each other you know I suggest the Honourable gentleman is made of blundering stupid error and his conclusions are totally wrong we we don’t have that kind of around here but I pleased to say but if you most bodies not like that the most part is genuinely people saying well actually I didn’t think that was strong enough. Find out what your term paper should look and sound like at Edusson.

You think there’s a gap here and by getting that kind of thing but you well I hadn’t thought of that really really struggling but now I can see it and if you can then rise above the criticism and I think I’ve spoken to you about vs for how important traits of minutes in all our lives in order to be prudent there is no improvement without a critical view on something and that critical view allows you to move on to the next stage to improve on that forum gives you that pyridine gives you that asked together working together can use our collective abilities to use that to improve each other’s work and that’s exactly what happens in research and in academia any conferences and in journals and in papers that’s the hardware the whole process works so using peer review amongst ourselves is identically the same process. A good paper doesn`t mean good presentation. Read about presenting your work here.

So I’m trying to say to you I suppose is do not be afraid of criticism welcome as a friend and actively go out and see here I mean suggest to you that if you can get as many people to meet your paper as possible not just one person lemon and start you off with but as many people as possible to read your paper then that will only benefit you if you approach it in exactly the right kind of way never or try not to be defensive the natural approaches to be defensive about people who say this wasn’t very good and that wasn’t very good either oh I’ve been personally attacked here I’ll defend myself if you can get rid of all of that go and say well let me think of it clearly what are you really saying that’s not clear okay i’ll probably get you take it away and you improve it it gets better that’s where we need to get you all you need to get to in your lives generally I’ve discovered that myself having been around a bit now but whatever areas i’m i’m living in or working.