When You Don`t Know Where To Start

Let me tell you that the vet there are very best ideas that you have their very best ideas are in your head of totally worthless less you can communicate them to others okay that is the key point about writing papers your ideas are worthless if you keep them to yourself ideas are meant to be passed on to other people and I’m going to show you how we do that through writing papers this is the fundamental model for writing papers as to how people go about doing it they say first of all you get some kind of idea giving the idea by the way is sometimes the hardest bit and I often had students come to me and say I can’t get any ideas I’ve got a piece of paper in front of me but it’s completely blank and I don’t know where to start. Find some inspiration for your start at Edusson.

I’ve got no idea where to start I’ve got white idea what do you do in those circumstances it’s going to the solution is always the same the reason your piece of paper is blank and your ideas of because your mind is blank and the reason your mind is blank is you need to go and fill it up with something and the way you do that is very very simple you go onto the internet or you go to the library go to the bigger book and you get a pile of papers and you sift through them and you pick out the ones you find interesting and you sit down and you need them and you fill your mind up with our ears you know what that does when you feel your mind up with ideas that makes your own ideas come alive and it sparks ideas from you the idea that steel shop and steel is the idea of other people’s ideas sharpen your own eyes ears and they give you ideas they make you think about things.

So if you have completely blank mind about something you really want to get you know something started go away and read stuff that is the solution that go and read it make notes and start from scratch read whatever you like as long as you find it interesting stimulating and by stimulating brings forth ideas from within you okay that’s where you start you get an idea do the research be drownded goal of papers your little book scallop with anything you like even there I say look at wikipedia if you need to just get rounding but then stop them and then once you’ve done the research you can then sit down write the paper that is the standard model writing of out the right papers you do it that way about that of course Cheers in many ways the ideal but it is in fact no milk in real life you don’t actually do your writing with papers and your research in that kind of way.