Spreading Ideas Through Paper

I only improve until I seek to improve but only through people being fairly honest living saying well you could have done that better okay I’ll take that on board I’m trying diligence and listen for all of us but let me take you to what we love you in today I won’t talk to you about how to write an academic paper sorry sir the bulb is either too too dim for the Sun is too bright it’s one of those two things but today we’re going to be looking at how is an epidemic. Learn how to infect people with your ideas at Edusson.

Later i’m hoping you better to be able t ball yeah we are moving now on from doing the research work doing the background literature review that we’ve been working on we’re looking to generate things for Varro 90 years based upon what we’ve read test taking it a starting point the things that we’ve read about in other people’s papers and we’re thinking right my contribution is going to be this this is where I mean sometimes going to say this is where I have a solution for problem this is where my ideas come in and this is why I’m gonna write paper because I’m gonna get my ideas down and I want to get them published I want to get better about this was um the paper which introduced when buying colleague daily Newell who lives in long corridor for me we both went to it was loan app Alex incentive this paper it happened to be on the development and adaptive learning system not going to go into if you want to be in take the papers available actually amongst this pile here it’s all about having how you can totally get rid of lecturers like myself have a learning system which will adapt to your own personal needs based upon your own requirements on something. Don`t know where to start? Start here!

We call the student signature which is a set of parameters which if that defines where students are at other changes that was a the paper which I produced from club there’s a fundamental fallacy as to why people write papers I think I suppose that most people tend to think that you write a paper and you give a talk mainly to impress others in your faculty to gain recognition and finally to get promoted and it’s not really quite a bit mucky but I back in the dog-eat-dog circles of of universities but the real reason you would be writing a paper is mean and fundamentally to get your idea welcome welcome to big get your idea alchemy you can and to communicate your ideas to others if you like ideas of ever thought of as a kind of virus and if they really take hold they can infect people’s minds and in fact the whole of communities and societies and ideas can just take off in a really big way once they take take a grip on on that you can evoke rafiki digital printing intellectual intellectual a vivir unless it’s valuable.