How To Present Your Paper

We’ve come to an important point I think we’re out here I think maybe one equation y something will not here is I think has sent burn and notification around saying that we expect your draft papers to be out today I expected not going to learn not draft papers which case they sort of stayed away and over there in the front the same for them to show me your draft pay back which I don’t plan to do and I have a much more much more gentle approach to that I think that when I wanted to to do is really give you a kind of a mile stone to work towards out of it it’s an informal submission this is cool. Read more about presentations at Edusson.

In other words you don’t formally upload it you don’t formally even get it in but what I do want you to do is to bring along I printed out a copy of where you’ve got two so far and I said it’s not marked as such it’s not even going to be part of your assessment process but lead us it provides you with another achievable goal to say I the next stage is to get something out printed and having printed it why don’t you doing bring it along here then we’ll engage in a little bit of peer review an informal interview and the idea will be that I’ll get you to swap your paper with somebody else okay and you can choose you wish to do that with I’m looking at over sup with someone else and you get them to go away and read it and write all over it and to give you feedback on your paper and then next week come back and then you can see what the feedback is okay that’s a kind of informal here progress I think it’s one which you will find beneficial I think one which it actually takes place really in in academia. Read about how they do it in academic environments here.

When I went to buy conference in Barcelona this last week oh and there’s someone has it just had to be me this glad it wasn’t I missing the weather was awful so what the weather was sunny actress a bit too old but when I was there what you’re finding there is a group of people coming from all around the world who are bringing their papers with in fact i have a small selection of the papers which they presented and barcelona last week here and I’m gonna hand these out to you later on so you can have a look and see what kind of crazy off because they’re very similar what Martin you to give okay and these are straight off constants for and what people do is they bring these along and they read their papers on represent them did you speak all leading a paper and reading frame of the conference and in the old old days they’d stand up and they read it out with word terribly boring.