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Sit Down And Start Writing

Things for that little bit your subconscious mind hands you an idea and says what do you think of this you look like that’s genius because anything about a year ago yeah so sitting down […]

Finding Ideas For Paper

I’m telling you a bunch secret here which no other research will let you in on this business ain’t they fear that they’re getting this so totally Devon white round and this is really bad […]

When You Don`t Know Where To Start

Let me tell you that the vet there are very best ideas that you have their very best ideas are in your head of totally worthless less you can communicate them to others okay that […]

Spreading Ideas Through Paper

I only improve until I seek to improve but only through people being fairly honest living saying well you could have done that better okay I’ll take that on board I’m trying diligence and listen […]

Working In Academic Environments

These days students they just present their papers they present their ideas to an audience the audience often not much bigger than dis audience here and they would present their ideas and then having stood […]

How To Present Your Paper

We’ve come to an important point I think we’re out here I think maybe one equation y something will not here is I think has sent burn and notification around saying that we expect your […]