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When I was doing engineering, I had a very good algebra teacher. Those where the days full of vectors and subspaces and subspaces of polynomials and matrices and subspaces of matrices of polynomials. 

All from 7 a.m to 12 p.m. 

In the middle of that math trench he said once something that my head really saved.

The teacher was explaining yet another concept while the sky was still dark in the morning and there was this guy that asked him to clarify a detail.

The question was asked and the teacher clarified.

He was a good teacher ...

Most frameworks I see have a routing strategy that allows you to configure things in ways similar to this: {
  this.route('home', {path: '/'});
  this.route('about', {path: 'about'});


or if you make some smart assumptions you can write the same as: function () {
  this.route('home',{path: '/'});


and when dealing with data you can do like: function () {
  this.route('home',{path: '/'});
    path: 'things',
    data: function(){return Thigns.findOne(this.params._id);}


Internet browsers are learning new tricks every day. Some of them dare to do things now when the future of web components is still being discussed and being shaped.

The main reason why I think this matters is the same reason why I think this is not something temporary and it has to do with the problem Alan Kay criticized about the web architecture in "The Computer Revolution hasn't happened yet". In that talk (starting at ~23:50), 17 years ago, Kay said: 

"With html we went back to the dark ages because we're presupposing that should be a browser ...

Image credit: nu.tritionist

No fancy theories, no demonstrations.

Only design.

Here is a prediction engine.

  1. Understand the things people believe in
  2. Understand technology

To get better on the first one you study history. And Propaganda and Cognitive Sciences and Epigenetics.

For the second one, engineering. And Physics and Biology and Chemistry and Medicine.

The interesting thing to meditate about is this:

The bridge between people and technology only works when is the bridge between present and future.

So, can you find one?

A bridge you can use to imagine things into existence and help other people do it. 

We can talk and ...


Broken Egg - TalAtlas - Flickr

There was an insteresting discussion going on recently in the Pharo comunity.

And there was a comment in regard to this very nicely presented demo and the comment was about missing the point in that presentation.

While indeed is not about data, we need to read between the lines.

If we keep thinking that all is about objects we'll also miss the point.

Is not about objects.

If it were, this would not be testable.

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying:

  1. I wish I’d had ...
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