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Tit for Tat, or equivalent retaliation, is an effective strategy to deal with the iterated prisioner's dilemma since it  mathematically produces more opportunities of reciprocal altruism.

In this video here, Richard Dawkins explains how "egoist genes" end up replicating altruism

And here I ask something to make you think about:

How exactly altruism is different from collectivist egoism?

What would that mean?

How does that changes with scale?

Think in the spectrum: family, tribe, town, provice, country, continent, Earth and Cosmos


Do you know how to study failure?

If you care about innovation and success, you should

This talk is referenced in Stanford's design school when they teaches you the Prototyping phase of the Design Thinking process.

John Seddon in Resetting The IT Industry advices to use this kind of techniques in order to sensibilize people that cannot grasp value flow.

You can pre(tend) toType like IBM did to save investing time, resources and efforts in the wrong direction.


Firstly, this talk is jaw dropping:

Secondly, it boils down to two paradigms that stimulates our psyche very differently.

Creating in any movement or group what we could call The Goal vs. Vision dilemma.

The easiest way to understand the Goal vs. Vision dilemma is confronting this two so you can read vertically the list of things each one is prolific to produce:

Goal Vision
Expectation Possibility
Prediction Reflection
Goals What if?
Need How about?
Must Request
Should Apologies
Blame Gratitude
Fault Generosity
Threat Safety
Extortion Confidence
Zero Sum Abundance
Fitting in Disruption
Statu Quo Innovation

These different paradigms are like two incompatible computer operative systems. While one ...

When I was doing engineering, I had a very good algebra teacher. Those where the days full of vectors and subspaces and subspaces of polynomials and matrices and subspaces of matrices of polynomials. 

All from 7 a.m to 12 p.m. 

In the middle of that math trench he said once something that my head really saved.

The teacher was explaining yet another concept while the sky was still dark in the morning and there was this guy that asked him to clarify a detail.

The question was asked and the teacher clarified.

He was a good teacher ...

Most frameworks I see have a routing strategy that allows you to configure things in ways similar to this: {
  this.route('home', {path: '/'});
  this.route('about', {path: 'about'});


or if you make some smart assumptions you can write the same as: function () {
  this.route('home',{path: '/'});


and when dealing with data you can do like: function () {
  this.route('home',{path: '/'});
    path: 'things',
    data: function(){return Thigns.findOne(this.params._id);}


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